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Ice packs for transportation ---- fresh steam business should be the summer of freshness weapon

2022-07-14 | Industry News

In the fresh electricity business market more and more prosperous in recent years, as a professional manufacturer of ice bags, but also accidentally catch up with this train, so quite some experience, willing to share to everyone! Because the fresh products, especially some imported high-end aquatic products, the product price itself is very expensive, the cost of the logistics chain is not small, coupled with the cost of labor and packaging, so compared to the sale of ordinary goods in the speed and The effectiveness of the business requirements of the higher, able to stand out must be the best team! Of course, we all know that the consumption of such a network of fresh groups, is undoubtedly the future purchasing power and activity of the strongest groups, once the establishment of the basis of trust or consumption, no doubt there are more follow-up goods can be recommended and purchased opportunity. Today, the story of all the success stories of the story tells me that the service you today, the guests, on behalf of you tomorrow have a broader world. Fresh quality is a business gene, of course, most of the businesses in China are sharing the same sequence, the difference is not, most of the logistics is third party cooperation, can play this responsibility is also a handful, so can display Space is limited, and then is the optimization and operation of the Internet, but this is the role of good products and services on the basis of. Because the food is the need to repeat the purchase to expand sales!



Sometimes very fresh products because the logistics are not to force, than the conventional time in the late 4 hours, 8 hours or 12 hours or longer, and finally caused the product to the customer's hands became directly into the garbage heap, the two sides Said that are lost. So how can we avoid these because of the loss caused by the preservation of the force, here to give some ways you may wish to try: most the business in the delivery of fresh food when the ice bag is added, this is a good measure, but Different ice packs to keep the effect of freezing is different, different usage also directly affect the cold effect, so give you these suggestions: 1. to find the best effect of the ice bag: most ice packs in the incubator cold time is 8h, if To extend the holding time, you need to increase the amount of ice pack. According to the capacity of the box to decide how much increase. But too much to increase the ice bag will undoubtedly increase freight. But you know, ice bag insulation capacity is based on the technical level of each difference, to choose a long time to keep the ice bag, as long as the comparison test can get the answer. Test method: the same specifications of the ice bag, put the same container, and then put the same fresh ingredients, and at the same time placed the same, the final test has cooled the temperature of the ingredients to find the best effect of the ice bag. Then in addition to the quality of ice bags, there are some ways to make our cold effect increase: 2. Powerful sandwich structure: cold source movement is top-down. So we usually put the ice bag on top of the ingredients, but because of the transport process, we can not guarantee the direction, so the best way is to use a sandwich approach, the food folder in the middle and fixed. 3. only in the most need to cool the part, do not spare waste. Because the fresh ingredients from the cold storage out, is with a low temperature, then placed together with the ice bag, into the appropriate capacity of the inner bag, you can minimize the loss of cooling, and then into the incubator. At the same time, there may be other spices and cushioning materials and other room temperature products in the incubator, these room temperature products will first win the ice bag cold, accelerate the heating of the ice bag, if not separated, the work of the ice bag is the first need to reduce the entire incubator Within the temperature, the temperature difference of more than 30 degrees enough to make ice bags do unnecessary cold output. So it must be separated, the effect we go! In order to know more friends and hope that our cold chain products to help more people, from now on, choose 10 professionals in the field of fresh business to provide consumers with high quality fresh products and good reputation Friends, without increasing the cost of the original premise, free of charge to help them build their own cold chain solutions to extend the preservation time, and absolute savings in labor, so that their fresh products are far ahead of your competitiveness of competitors! Please call, 400-808-4108 or be concerned about WeChat: WORLD-BIO remember, only the top 10, free! Fresh ice pack.

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