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Ice pack / medical ice bag use - ice cold method (aviation ice bag)

2022-07-14 | Industry News


Ice cooling when the physical cooling is not necessarily the time with the designated medical ice bag, if the emergency case does not specify the medical ice packs can be replaced with ice packs or fresh ice packs, the worst case can be used to wrap ice to cold.


Remember the NBA game, the Premier League European League, this high level of events often see the players are acute sprain, acute bruises, the resident medical team is often used is urgent ice therapy to relieve the disease. But not once the injury immediately use medical ice packs, although the medical ice bag ice in the early emergency treatment has a significant effect if the use of errors but will delay treatment.


The use of medical ice pack ice is the principle of relieve pain, people in the emergency sprain or bruises, pain nerve conduction quickly, and other anesthesia after the moment feel pain, ice (low temperature) can reduce nerve endings reaction, Signal transduction, and the freezing sensation can counteract the pain sensation (which really exists, when the sprain is immediately carried out, feel the feeling of freezing is stronger than the pain). Another principle is the thermal expansion and contraction, through the use of medical ice pack ice damage to muscle tissue temperature, making local tissue microvascular instantaneous contraction, reduce blood exudation, thereby reducing local swelling, in the ice process, the blood vessels will be repeated Bleeding swelling, do not stop the ice, continue to use medical ice pack ice, so that can be a good relief of swelling and pain.


Who is not suitable for ice therapy? Temperature sensitive responses to the crowd, such as sunshine for a long time, high temperature allergic erythema, allergic to cold, cold urticaria and other groups are not suitable for ice therapy, the temperature will stimulate the disease worse. In the damaged tissue surface trauma, bleeding is not suitable for ice, the first wound on the disinfection, or medical ice pack on the bacteria is easy to infect the wound. Heart disease or three high-patient temperature stimulation is likely to cause physical and pathological reactions, the use of ice must be used under the guidance of a doctor.


How to use medical ice packs for ice? If the solidified ice bag is not solid cold, you can use soft material more than a few layers of shock, and then use the ice bag after the break. The first two or three days of injury can use the medical ice pack ice, until the swelling, if the initial time did not use ice pack ice, midway found that increased pain, can also be halfway ice, can play a slow swelling and pain, sustained ice time It is best not to exceed 20 minutes, time is too long easy to cause frostbite, cold relief after the medical ice bag to take away, so that the injured parts of the room temperature for some time, about 20 minutes, and continue to ice. If the joint parts of the injury time must not be too long ice, ice pain relief after the ice will take away the ice, and then repeat the ice on it.


If it is dedicated to the medical ice bag, generally non-woven ice bags and gel ice bags, non-woven fabrics can be good isolation of ice bags directly contact with the skin caused by frostbite, professional gel medical ice pack antifreeze, can make the ice bag will not freeze curing, To keep the softness of the ice bag when used to better serve in the injured parts.

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