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We can buy ice bags in the market to keep how long?

2022-07-14 | Industry News

Often have the initial use of ice pack friends in the online question or call our line technical advice: how long can the ice bag to keep heat? Every time we will be very patient to answer every friend of the question, over time there is a friend suggested that we will be able to keep the ice pack how long the ice pack can be written into the post, published to the Internet for those who are not accustomed to telephone direct consultation and used to search online Information of friends reference:

How long will the ice pack keep? 


We want to tell you that the ice bag is just a cold source, a cold storage medium, a single ice bag storage of energy is limited, how long the ice bag can be insulated, it needs to be used in conjunction with the incubator to form a combination Complete the ice bag on the low temperature items for a long time low temperature preservation. A single ice bag is exposed to ambient temperature (20 ° C) from freezing to full melting for at most 6 hours and does not result in a cryopreservation effect. Only a certain number of ice packs and incubator support the user to play a good cryopreservation effect, there is how long the ice bag can also keep the quality of the ice pack itself and the insulation of the incubator has a great direct relationship, in general, two 500g 2-8 ℃ cold ice pack with ordinary 6L liters EPS foam box to save the following temperature of 8 ℃ for 12 hours no problem (Note: cryopreservation of the goods itself, the temperature is also 2-8 ℃, the cold effect Will be the best, otherwise the effect is poor)

In general, the ice pack caused the following factors: the number of ice packs, the quality of ice packs, the size of the incubator, the insulation of the incubator, the sealing of the incubator, the ambient temperature of the distribution, the low temperature itself Temperature, the number of low temperature items

So how long the ice pack can be insulated, we need to consider the above factors, the only way we can let the low temperature items get a good low temperature environment. If you can not understand the World-Bio can consult the relevant staff.

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